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The following blog is written by Tim Swenson, the newest member of the d.trio team. Tim joined us mid-April as an Assistant Account Executive.

A lot of images come to mind when I hear the word “Fresh”. Most of these images are of food.

Personally, I don’t eat out a lot and try to avoid fast food restaurants when I can. A recent article on AdAge.com explains at length why this should worry many chain restaurants (including the heavyweight champion McDonalds). To the dismay of many restaurants it seems to be a trend with millennials. The article states that McDonalds “doesn’t even rank among the demographic’s top 10 restaurant chains.”

I’m one of the 59 million (give or take a few) millennials, and I have some advice for every restaurant. It’s not about whether you’re a chain or one of the best-kept secrets in the city. It’s about keeping it “fresh”.

The first thing we want to be fresh is our food. I recently went out to lunch with some colleagues, and we chose to eat at Chipotle. Once there we started talking about how Chipotle makes a strong effort to only sell the freshest ingredients possible while maintaining high ethical standards in regards to raising animals. We were ultimately happy with our decision, not only because it tasted great, but because it felt morally responsible.

We want another thing to be fresh and that’s the menu. More options will never be a bad thing. This will keep the menu from getting old and will keep us coming back for more. It would be a very demanding task for major companies like McDonalds and Burger King to change their menu but it’s worth looking into for the company’s future.

Don’t just give a more diverse menu though; give a customizable option for when we’re trying to eat a little healthier or when we want to build our own culinary masterpiece. A “Build-Your-Own” or “Á La Carte” option is something consumers crave for in almost everything in life, including meals.

Restaurants need to keep an eye on millennials. Remember that “fresh” can be more than a piece of copy in an ad. It can be a statement.


-Tim Swenson is an assistant account executive at d.trio marketing group

3 fresh trends in food, funding & technology

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Trends are always changing (that’s why they’re called trends). Sometimes trends can give a glimpse into what the future holds. It’s a dynamic world out there and I’m here to give you a snapshot into some of the freshest trends in funding, food and technology.

Kickstarter is fundamentally shifting the way people invest in ideas, having funded tens of thousands of projects with over $500 million donated. This site shows that asking for funding on projects can be as simple as presenting a great idea that needs some cash to get started. Not only is Kickstarter a fresh trend that is shifting the way people invest in ideas; it’s also a great tool to see what fresh trends are in the works. Take the time and to browse some projects and maybe you’ll find something to help “kick-start.”

Food trucks have been around for over 100 years; so you may be wondering why they’re being talked about in an article on fresh trends. Take this into consideration though; they now offer great food, at reasonable prices, and can go basically anywhere. This cost-effective restaurant on wheels has put them in direct competition with other sit-down restaurants. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing this trend become a staple for every (and I mean every) restaurant.

Green tech is still in its infancy as an industry but recently it’s been making leaps and bounds into larger markets that have been traditionally dominated by shiny plastic objects – bamboo keyboards and a bamboo mouse are just the beginning. Green tech is a niche market right now but I’ll bet in the next 6 months to a year this trend will bring a shift in attitudes. Check out the iBamboo Speaker (ibamboo.com) to see how you can amplify your iPhones sound without being near any power supply.

These three fresh ideas may soon turn into more than a trend. Stay tuned for more fresh ideas from d.trio in the coming months.

What my mom meant by fresh

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My mother used to call me fresh. Or more accurately she would say something like, “don’t get fresh with me.”  What I remember most is that being called Fresh felt more like a compliment than an reprimand. Maybe my mother said it with some sort of repressed smile on her face that let me know she somehow appreciated the fresh thing I had just said. Usually I felt pretty good about being fresh.

This month we’ve focused upon and explored the word fresh for our marketing communications. We wrote about fresh campaigns, fresh marketing tools, fresh ways to solve a marketing problem, even old campaigns that are still fresh today. We’ve also posted a blog about the fresh snow that we in Minnesota saw way too much of this April.

But Fresh as an attitude…a sometimes-not-all-that-admirable type of attitude? This seemed worthy of further exploration, especially as it is seldom used today.

The official dictionary definition of fresh in this context is:
Fresh /freSH/: Bold and Saucy.

Kind of like the sound of that. Sounds like a marketing asset. Seems as though being fresh in this business might be a really good thing. (Full disclosure, it was also defined as impudent, but I’m going with Bold and Saucy because I’m sure that’s what my mother meant.)

So here we are. All of us who work in marketing are continually challenged to develop fresh campaigns, ideas, designs, tag lines, tactics and strategies. There exists an endless need for the new, the next, the better…and that’s a really good thing.  We are the purveyors of the the new, the next, the better. We are the daredevils of the business world. We get to push limits. We get to be bold and saucy.