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Top 10 #dtrioIntern Moments

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by Andrey

My time here at d.trio marketing group is sadly coming to an end. With this 6-month internship I had plenty of things that I learned and great moments that I had.
Here are my Top 10 #DtrioIntern Moments

10. Getting a call from Tina to let me know that I got the internship
9. Having a fake snowball fight with Megan and Beth in the office
8. Hearing Slim Shady on the radio in the office
7. Fred handing me a book titled “Direct Marketing For Dummies”
6. Getting the best parking spot in the garage (pays off to come in early)
5. Finishing my first project
4. All of the lunches and Happy Hours that the partners have paid for
3. Running my first meeting (These guys are a hard bunch to keep on track)
2. Getting my initials next to a company on the job board (Getting my first client)
1. Winning the Bowling Pin during Secret Santa!

This has been a fantastic and meaningful experience and I recommend d.trio to any one looking for an internship at a marketing agency.

Intern Series Finale: What College Doesn’t Teach You

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Note: Today is Laura’s last day at d.trio. She’s done a great job and we’ll all miss her. Good luck in school, Laura!

by: Laura Gorder, marketing intern

Walking into my internship on the first day, I knew I had a lot to learn, but never did I expect to learn so much in only eight weeks.

This summer, I have been exposed to a number of things that our college professors and curriculum tend to leave out. Things they don’t write about in textbooks. Things I’d likely only discover by being a part of the industry. Things I didn’t know that I was missing. I learned plenty about myself, about the industry, and about being a part of an account services team.

About Myself…
I’m far from an expert in anything. I have come to understand that I have a lot to learn. Being an intern exposed me to a variety of professionals, many of which are experts and incredibly knowledgeable in their industry due to their years of dedication and experience. As a soon-to-be college graduate, I have realized that in order to be successful, I must never stop learning.

Using my eyes & ears. I have also learned the importance of listening and observing at this stage in my career. d.trio marketing group has been wonderful about including me in their meetings – from brainstorming sessions, to giving creative direction, to presenting final work to clients. I have watched ideas grow into campaigns, criticism strengthen design, and executives sell their work and the rationale behind it. By observing these activities, I have a much better understanding of what works, what doesn’t and how to manage people in order to reach a final goal.

Tight Knit. This internship has reinforced my preference for small dynamic environments. Eleven professionals make up d.trio marketing group, providing an environment that’s open to collaboration and teamwork. Because of the agency’s size, I was able to be a part of projects throughout their entire lifecycle – a great fit for someone who likes to have control and stay involved from start to finish.

About the Industry…
It’s not all glamorous. That’s because until I was behind-the-scenes, I didn’t realize the amount of critical thinking, management, and re-do’s that creative work requires. I have learned that the marketing industry relies on trustworthy relationships not only with clients, but also with vendors. There is a magnitude of other businesses that work collaboratively, from commercial printers to specialized agencies, and play an important part in producing awesome work.

It’s not all the same. There are many types of agencies out there – marketing, advertising, design, digital, small, large, specialized, full-service. It’s all actually very different. My time at d.trio marketing group has helped me understand these differences and prepared me for interviews and opportunities with other agencies in the future.

About Account Services …
The art of communication. Whoa, I had never realized how important the role of communication is for an account executive. Nearly every person associated with a project takes direction from the agency’s executive, and if that direction isn’t clear, the project has potential of turning into a muddy mess. A good account executive is able to read between the lines of a client’s communication – verbal or non – and then pass it along to right-brain dominant creatives and so forth. Being able to master this task is something I know will take practice.

Constructive compliments. d.trio marketing group does an awesome job at giving compliments. I have learned that as a member of an account team, pointing out the positives in a situation builds morale and boosts collaboration. Giving credit when credit is due has proven to be a secret to successful teamwork.

My eight-week journey at d.trio marketing group has been very significant in my pursuit for a career in marketing. I couldn’t possibly share everything that I have learned, but look forward to fueling the path ahead with the knowledge I gained this summer.

Huge thank you to d.trio marketing group for a successful summer internship experience – I owe ya! 😉

Intern Series: Introducing Laura

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Laura Gorder
Marketing Intern

Major: Marketing Management
Minor: Communications and Journalism
School: University of St. Thomas

On my first day I was thinking: “I really get this entire office to myself? No cubicle? Woohoo!”

What I hope to gain from my internship at d.trio marketing group: I hope to gain skills in account services and obtain a broader understanding of agency life by working side-by-side with industry experts and assisting in various marketing projects.

In my spare time I like to: Escape to my lake cabin in Northern MN, blog, spend time with friends & family, and plan my next European adventure.

My guilty pleasure: Instagram

My favorite food is: Cheese

If I had one super power, it’d be: Teleport capabilities – Imagine all the places you could go!

I find inspiration by: Doing new things/meeting new people and keeping up-to-date with design/culture blogs.

My favorite place on earth is: The Highlands in Scotland.

My life moto is: Dream. Explore. Reflect. Repeat.

Stay tuned for a series of posts about my experiences as an intern at d.trio marketing group, my advice to other marketing interns, and what I have learned about the marketing industry throughout the summer.