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Read, Reflect and Relax

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Technology is amazing. It can help us make great presentations, keep us up-to-date on what is going on in the world and we can now be connected 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our phones are almost always within reach.

This brings me to the question: when do we give ourselves time to recharge? When do we wake up and smell the coffee (instead of pouring over emails)? There recently was an event held in Silicon Valley called “Digital Detox” – a no-technology summer camp for adults. There are real benefits to taking a break from tech. The summer is a great time to take that break.

A couple points:

    • Kansas State University found that taking a break from technology (and consequently work) helps you recover for the next day. So burning the midnight oil at both ends of the wick should be kept to a minimum.
    • Looking at a computer before sleeping can produce sleeping disorders. The backlit screens suppress the production of melatonin. A chemical that will help you fall asleep. The best thing to do is turn off (or ignore) all electronic devices at least one hour before you go to sleep.

What we need to look for is a healthy balance of technology, find a little time this summer to relax your brain.