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5 Simple Tips for Business Travel

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Visiting out of town clients or pitching to a prospective client is extremely valuable in strengthening relationships and building new ones. Plus, it is fun to see people in person. Here are my personal tips to make your business travel as stress-free as possible:

1. Minimize clothes wrinkling and the need for ironing later by layering your clothes in plastic. The plastic that dry cleaners use works particularly well.

2. Carry a travel wallet. Swap out your regular wallet for an old one or purchase an inexpensive new one and include only the essentials. You will minimize your exposure if your wallet is lost or stolen. In addition, with a clean wallet, all your business receipts will be organized and easy to find later.

3. Use a backpack style computer bag or carry-on with padded shoulder straps. The dual straps will distribute the weight equally, help prevent back and neck strain and will keep your hands free while you trek through the airport and wait in lines.

4. Prepare for unexpected delays or downtime by including the following items in your carry-on bag:

• Books/magazines/cross words etc – a good old-fashioned hard copy eliminates the need for Internet access.
• Empty water bottle – your favorite reusable water bottle can go through security and get filled afterwards.
• Light snacks –packing a few snacks will tide you over until you can get a meal.
• Comfortable walking shoes – sneak in a little exercise or just provide relief after a long day in business footwear.

5. Arrive early as opposed to on time. Nothing adds more stress than getting caught in a traffic jam, a full parking ramp, or some other unexpected delay that puts you behind schedule. By planning to be early, not only will you will have a buffer, but also time to relax.