transparency in all things

There are different ways of handling digital marketing (SEO and SEM) and our way is hands on and transparent. At d.trio, we are true marketers who see digital channels as means to an end: to produce business results for businesses like yours. We customize the strategies to the audiences you need to get in front of and think about what they search for.

Our promise is what differentiates us
We won’t play games when purchasing Adwords by buying words you should have organically (for free) like your brand name, just to make our results look better. We don’t hide behind obscure data reporting, hoping you won’t understand how your programs perform – we lay the results out for you to see where your budget is going – down to the ROI and attribution of each channel used. Our pricing is a tiered flat fee by project, not dependent on a percent of ad spend but focused instead on service and strategy.

The goal is to make your business more visible and profitable

  • ZERO% mark up of ad spend means just that. You pay a flat fee for our strategy, smarts and ability to get you results
  • Experienced strategists: we work to find the opportunities for your business, keep up with the latest trends and changes in search engines, think about how to drive traffic to your site
  • Maximized budgets: we save you money by cutting needless ad spend so you can spend it on other marketing initiatives
  • Channel agnostic: the channel is a means to an end – to make your business more successful

Contact us to hear more or see how transparent marketing will help your business.